Vol u vants (filled with Cajun chicken & pineapple, chicken mayo etc.)

Phillo pockets (filled with mushroom with apricot & tuna)

'Katkoppe' ('frikkadel' with dough)

Yankies( cocktail sausage with dough)

Canopies (various open breads with smoked beef salmon & salami horns)

Cocktail potatoes filled with cream cheese and nasturtium seeds

Filled small pancakes

Salt horns

Various rainbow breads

'Biltong' breads

Exotic chicken rings

Springrolls (beef, chicken & vegetables)

Salt puffs filled with mince

Chicken 'frikkadel' kebabs

Sheep sausage with cherry


Strawberry / passion fruit cream puffs

Pavlovas with stawberry & cream

Fruit tarts (strawberry, kiwi & peach)

'Ystervarkie' butterflies